DRONEDEK Awarded 2nd Patent, Further Securing Its Stranglehold on the Smart Drone Delivery Receptacle Space

DroneDek LLC, manufacturer of DroneDek, announced that it has been granted its 2nd patent for its DroneDek, mailbox of the future smart delivery receptacle.

Drone delivery is on the horizon and the only thing more important than the drone is the receptacle.  DroneDek’s platform-agnostic delivery receptacle received claims allowing for a heated and cooled cargo area; opening up delivery of heated foods and cooled beverages as well as pharmaceutical drugs and more.

DroneDek aims to solve drone delivery by offering ultimate convenience. Shipping and receiving with DroneDek are made easy through its intuitive app. Users will receive alerts when their packages ship or arrive. Users will also be notified of what item has arrived and from whom. DroneDek also received patent protection for its bio-toxin and explosive sensing and reporting technology. 

DroneDek will operate off of solar or a 110 V power supply, feature a heated door to operate in any climate and host a charging station for delivery drones. DroneDek additionally received numerous other claims including autonomous battery pack exchanging, camera surveillance and much more. DroneDek will be the gateway to every home and business in America.

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