PABLO AIR becomes the first Korean company to have succeed in a 57.5 km package deliver with 1 hour and 56 minutes’ flying time using a drone

PABLO AIR successfully conducted a long-distance drone delivery from Seogwipo Port on Jeju Island to Cheonjin Port on Wudo Island on November 2, 2019, ushering in an era wherein delivery services can be received via drone anywhere.

PABLO AIR is an unmanned aerial hardware and software development company based in Korea. Founded on August 8, 2018, it has just celebrated its first anniversary, yet it became the first Korean company to conduct long-distance drone delivery successfully. With drone being the key component of its services, the company focuses on developing swarming flight platforms and solutions. Building on its unmanned aerial vehicle services, PABLO AIR is expanding its business scope to other fields such as entertainment and education. The company has the capability to compete with world-class companies at drone performance art shows. Due to the company’s swarm flight technology, they have the largest drone performance art show in Korea.

PABLO AIR sets new drone delivery record in Korea

In a demonstration of a long-distance drone delivery conducted on November 2, 2019, PABLO AIR set the record for the longest time and distance drone delivery in Korea by flying a drone 57.514 km for 1 hour and 56 minutes.

Drone delivery was made possible by the UAVs Logistics Solution developed by PABLO AIR.

  • The hybrid drone can safely fly more than 57km.
  • The LTE-Sat heterogeneous communication system enables communicating with the drone anywhere on earth.
  • The Ground Control System enables a single person to control swarm drone.
  • The mobile application allows customers to track and monitor the delivery process in real time.

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