ActLight: Best Signal to Noise Photodiode Now as Matrix With No Crosstalk

ActLight, the Swiss technology firm known for its best in class signal-to-noise ratio photodiodes, achieved another technology breakthrough: its new sensor array offer same signal-noise-ratio in absence of any crosstalk.

ActLight announced today that the Dynamic PhotoDiode (DPD) sensors array was fabricated and it passed the first set of tests.

“The development of a very performant 3D image sensor based on our patented DPD technology is a great challenge for us at ActLight,” said SergueiOkhonin, ActLight Co-Founder and CEO. “Seeing the performance of the first prototypes, in particular the absence of crosstalk between pixels and the first pictures produced by the array, and also considering that prototypes were built with standard CMOS image sensors technology give us the highest level of motivation to continue to invest in this project to build the high performance 3D image sensor that exceed the market expectations in terms of precision and efficiency.”

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