Advanced Indoor Drone Disinfection to fight COVID-19 from SmartCone Technologies and Clarion Drone Academy

SmartCone Technologies, Inc. and Clarion Drone Academy Inc., are teaming up to supply safe rapid deployment of drones for indoor disinfection. From factories to tech parks and office buildings, shutdowns for full-service cleaning and disinfection are timely and costly.

SmartCone will set up safe zones for take-off and landing to include LiDAR tripwires that will notify both the intruder and Clarion operators if anyone is entering the operational zone. Further development is underway for a semi-autonomous deployment by integrating SmartCone Constellation, a high accuracy indoor positioning system (IPS). Our IPS is a network of devices for location tracking inside buildings and or where GPS lack precision or fail. By enabling connectivity with LTE or Wi-Fi, authorized workers can visually track where and when disinfection has occurred, giving peace of mind.

From portable temporary set ups to permanent installations for ongoing service, we have options for everyone. We are proud to offer this rapid disinfecting solution that does not put any additional people in harms way as part of our closed loop “Return to Work” solution. Advanced trials will take place in May in Ottawa Valley, Canada. Health and safety officers will be in attendance to validate disinfection coverage range & accuracy.

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