Personal Injury Firm Witherite Law Group To Launch Drones For Accident Investigation In Dallas And Fort Worth

Witherite Law Group announced they will use drone technology in accident investigations to improve how an insurance company and jury visualize a car or truck wreck and the accident scene.

Witherite Law Group Founding Partner and Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer, Amy Witherite described the importance of this technology and their partnership with Midwest UAS Technologies, a commercial drone services firm. “When we talk about why expertise matters in car and truck accidents, this is what we mean,” stated Witherite. “Drones will extend, enhance and grow our accident investigation expertise. This expertise will be a major advantage for our clients in our battle to ensure they receive the insurance settlements they deserve.”

A precise aerial perspective that includes up-to-date maps, video and images will enable Witherite Law Group’s attorneys to recreate a highly accurate accident scene. Drones also allow the firm to reflect near real-time conditions at the time of the accident.

Jackie Reiser, Owner, Midwest UAS Technologies, said, “This partnership will raise the bar in evidence gathering and accident reconstruction in Dallas and Fort Worth. The technology will enhance the firm’s ability to visualize and interact with a scene to the benefit of their clients. And the firm will benefit by completing inspections and data collection in a fraction of the time of manual methods. Easy access to difficult-to-reach areas will also increase the safety of their employees.”

Witherite added, “Drones offer our case team a birds-eye view of the accident location. This evidence enables us to recreate the scene with incredible accuracy, details and near real-time conditions. This will allow our accident attorneys to tell a better client story that improves situational awareness and understanding of the accident.

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