Kespry’s Drone-Based Aerial Intelligence Platform Helps The Shelly Company Increase Mine Planning and Inventory Management Accuracy

Kespry, the leading drone-based aerial intelligence solution provider, announced The Shelly Company is using the Kespry drone-based aerial intelligence platform for inventory management and mine planning. The Shelly Company is a leading Ohio limestone, concrete and asphalt paving firm with more than 90 locations and 1,600 employees. It services 81 of 88 counties in the state.

The Shelly Company uses Kespry to measure contours to ensure it creates accurate mine plans. It also leverages Kespry to determine accurate stripping calculations and ensure its vendor network plans for and delivers precise volumes and quotes. In addition, the company uses Kespry to perform before-and-after stripping surveys to validate the amounts of material that have been moved. Inventory management involving updating unit weights and product volume is another activity The Shelly Company performs with Kespry.

“Using Kespry helps us make informed decisions and work closely with contractors to compare stripping quantities. This ensures that we are charged the correct amount,” said Chris Pike, Performance Manager, The Shelly Company. “Kespry also gives us more control and increases efficiency. Once our drone lands from a 20 to 30-minute flight, the flight data is immediately uploaded to the Kespry Cloud for processing. This takes just a few hours, depending on the size of the mission data collected. We’re then able to view the images and client deliverables via the Kespry Cloud. This allows our engineers and planners to provide quick turnaround of the data to all our key stakeholders. They usually want this information immediately and it’s great to be able to provide that information to them quickly. With Kespry, we’re able to sit in front of our stakeholders, run through the data, show them how the calculations were done, and identify any possible issues. Kespry has improved the comfort level and trust in the data.”

Another key reason The Shelly Company chose Kespry is because of its commitment to customer service, ease of use and a consultative approach to evolving its platform.

Keeping employees out of harm’s way is another positive outcome The Shelly Company experiences with Kespry.

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