AI Innovators Announce FCC Certification For Contactless Social Distancing Monitoring Deployments At Scale

Ainstein AI, Inc., a radar technologies company headquartered in Lawrence, KS has obtained FCC certification for its 60GHz IoT radar sensor. WAYV Air is a short-range mmWave IoT Sensor designed specifically to collect and provide data about moving objects within a targeted area.

“The WAYV Air starts by recognizing if there is activity happening within a space such as a conference room, restroom, corridor, or open space. Beyond it’s capabilities for occupancy detection, we can also evolve into collecting and then sharing  data about where people are spending their time in the space. For example, we can present a utilization heatmap, people count, or other information to building managers, hoteliers, enterprises, manufacturing plants, restaurants, medical facilities, etc.  This data can be used to improve safety and enhance employee and visitor experiences within a space”  -Andrew Boushie, Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships, Ainstein.

As for competitors in the market, “Radar development is tough.  Fortunately, we’ve built a very talented team that works really smart.  They have enabled Ainstein to be early to the market in providing a 60GHz people sensing module with FCC approval.  mmWave radar is the future of indoor sensing.  Our radar sensors help our clients to understand occupancy density, space utilization, and social distancing without invading someone’s privacy. This is something other sensing technologies simply can’t provide at scale.” -Andrew Boushie, Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships, Ainstein.

The WAYV Air is used for a number of applications:

Social Distancing, Space Utilization, Crowd Density Management, Social Distancing and Reduction of Friction Points within Social Spaces, Patient Monitoring, Fall Detection, Vital Sign Detection, and more.

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