The Drone Champions League puts female drone pilots in the global spotlight with the DCL Women’s Cup

The Drone Champions League, a world-renowned league where the best FPV drone pilots in the world compete for their teams to become world champions, is proud to announce the launch of the DCL Women’s Cup.

The female pilots will be part of the eight main teams competing in the DCL World Championship 2021. They will represent these teams in the DCL Women’s Cup 2021. The two competitions will run in parallel but will not overlap. However, female pilots may be selected for the DCL World Cup 2021 if teams wish to be represented in both tournaments.

Female pilots to inspire

The goal is to shine a light on the talent of women in drone racing. They are often sidelined despite their brilliant skills. In the DCL Women’s Cup, they will be given the opportunity to join a team and benefit from the support that comes with it. Most importantly, they will be able to demonstrate their skills in challenging races in front of a global audience of millions.

DCL wants to inspire girls and women, get them excited about drone sports and grow the entire FPV community.

DCL is very excited to launch the Cup and look forward to seeing even more rousing races in 2021!

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